IT is ultimately not about computing, but about people.  We need to understand who we are providing services to, what those services are, and how those services are being accessed.  This becomes even more important as the traditional boundaries of the organisation dissolve, and we allow various business partners and members of the public full or partial access to systems previously only used by staff.

The most pressing example of this is access to cloud services, where we need to control staff, partner and public access to our cloud-hosted services, services that in turn are being used by many other organisations.

Managing, tracking and securing Identities as they move between local and cloud systems is the key to successfully integrating locally hosted and cloud services.  Without this tight integration staff will be unable to smoothly move between services, unable to easily share data, and will not be able to be secured.  Further, many of the possible benefits of cloud computing will be lost due to the cost of maintaining multiple identity 'silos', the cost of unnecessary licensing as 'dead accounts' continue to be billed, and the opportunity costs of staff failing to utilise new services to their full potential.

Good Identity management is the difference between being able to smoothly move between in-house and cloud providers, changing service providers whenever desirable, or being locked in to a set of vendors with hefty migration costs.

No matter what your current maturity level. ACI can help remediate existing systems, consolidate legacy identity silos, streamline provisioning processes, and show you how to use Identity access control and Federation to provide better services to staff and partners.

Further, we can show you how to securely provide those benefits in-house, to remote work sites such as home offices, and to mobile platforms. 

The benefit of solid Identity management is not simply in the financial savings available, or in the streamlining of user provisioning and registration, but in the benefits to your staff and your partners of having an efficient, ubiquitous, trusted computing environment that allows them to focus on people, not technology.


Frequently IDAM is a 'hidden' cost to a business.  We can help business understand where their current costs are, how to manage and reduce those costs, and how to realise the value of under-utilised IDAM capability.


Identity management gives an organisation the flexibility to move between providers and systems and reduces the chance of becoming locked in to a single provider.

In addition it allows organisations to become more productive, providing a common user experience between traditional work environments and home, client or mobile environments, allowing both staff and customers the flexibility to access business systems whenever necessary.

Cloud Access

Having a sound Identity Platform greatly minimises both the expense and the risk of Cloud access. 

Avoiding manual provisioning reduces licence costs and removes the security exposure from ex-Staff remaining on the Cloud system.

Likewise, being able to report and audit on your usage allows for Cloud provider accounts to be independently verified.