Service Design

Designing Identity and Access Management services can be challenging, due to the ubiquitous nature of IDAM.  We can work with your service design staff to model IDAM services in a way which best fits your existing service framework.  We can help with pricing models, SLAs, and both detailed and high level service definition.

Technical Architecture

IDAM services are often fragmented and siloed.  Integrating IDAM services into an organisation requires a good understanding of the range of technical documentation from high level strategic or Enterprise architecture, through domain artifacts representing various IDAM capabilities, and down to specific solution designs.

Success in IDAM projects is highly dependent on communication, and we are skilled at providing artefacts targeted at different stakeholder groups.  From hard core technical documents describing directory schema through to white papers outlining risk management options for C-level executives, we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate and present technical solutions in an approachable, whole-of-organisation manner.